Property Evaluation
• Establish market rental value.
• Assess property condition, recommend repairs and decorating.
• Suggestions to maximize rental and/or sale value

Careful Tenant Screening and Selection
• Years of experience in judging qualifications Attracting Qualified Tenants
• Advertising, promoting and showing properties.
• Handle all tenant inquires.
• Thorough reference checks: employment, credit reports, former landlords.
• Detailed rental application forms.
• In-depth interviews with prospective tenants.
• We are a buffer for you, we do the rejecting and ask the hard questions.
• Our record of selecting excellent tenants is outstanding

Comprehensive Legal Forms
• Legal agreements cover all important areas and protect all parties.
• Comprehensive leases based on years of experience.
• All security deposit and legal notice forms.
• Comply with all state laws and statutes.

Rent Collection Services
• Fair but firm rent collection policies.
• Quick action should delinquencies occur.
• Buffer for you when firmness is required.
• Net proceeds normally mailed by on or about the twentieth of each month.

Complete Security Deposit Handling
• Maximum security deposits collected from all tenants for your protection.
• Deposits held in our Broker trust account, subject to state supervision.
• Forfeits and damage claims in conformance with state security deposit laws.

Comprehensive Accounting Services
• Computerized accounting and record keeping provides accuracy and efficiency.
• Maintain all security deposit account records
• Monthly and yearly income and expense statements.
• Complete tax records at year-end.
• Itemized record of all transactions.
• Maintain all files, records and receipts for your tax records.
• Comply with IRS requirements.
• Pay all bills pertaining to the property.

Property Inspections
• Initial inspection and tenant check-in.
• Spot checks and routine periodic inspections.
• Termination inspection and tenant check-out.
• We protect your property by keeping close watch over it.

Repairs and Maintenance Contracting and Supervision
• Pool of experienced, qualified and reasonable contractors and handymen.
• We handle the “nuisance” calls at all hours.
• Because of our volume, we negotiate the best prices for you with carefully chosen contractors.
• We’re maintenance experts, we know houses, the problems that occur, what repair costs are, how to get good service.

Optional Related Services
• Investment consulting and purchase and sale evaluation.
• Should you wish to sell-we have a pool of potential investors, complete Multiple Listing Service, and our fees are often lower than others.
• For buyers, we offer buyer agency representation.
• Home monitoring service-for seasonal residents.

Flexibility, Integrity, Responsibility, and Conscientious Service
• Our services can be tailored to best serve your particular needs.
• We are respected in the real estate industry for our professionalism and integrity.
• We will make investing in real estate and landlording a pleasant and profitable experience for you.